While art has always been at the center of my soul and passions, the visual arts never interested me enough to take action until six months after graduating with a four-year degree in religious studies and music. Instead, I kept running in the rat race, working a job that I absolutely could not stand, surrounded by some of the most uninspired people.

Being a native of rural Pennsylvania and having only lived in Lower Alabama for a few years, I struggled finding mentors in photography. Much of my knowledge and skill has come through trial and error. Needless to say, my journey has been far from perfect. It wasn't until a week before I would quit my job that I signed up for a webinar hosted by renowned digital artist, Josh Rossi. I felt the strongest push to pursue my passion full time. I followed up that hunger by studying the industry and skills under Rossi's mentorship. 

I've drawn much of my inspiration and desire to grow as an artist from other creatives both past and contemporary from LA to Brazil to Russia. My most notable influence being Platon.


credit: Kizzie Warren


I currently reside in the quaint Midtown area Mobile, Alabama, with my sweet pup Maddie (Maddawg). When I'm not on a shoot, editing, or networking, I love traveling, playing sports, camping, biking, kayaking, and various other outdoor activities.

People and the earth are the two tangible things I love most. Remember, be kind to your neighbors and treat one another with respect. This is how we as humans make our home a better one.